Our team is interested in understanding alterations in the levels of neuromodulators such as dopamine, serotonin or norepinephrine in the brain. Changed levels of neuromodulation are linked not only to many psychiatric disorders, but also influence everyday cognitive performance: Fatigue, excitement and sadness e.g. are all correlated to activity patterns of neurons releasing such neuromodulators. While specific behaviors have been linked to specific neuromodulators, and while activation of certain receptors and their downstream signalling pathways have been associated with these neuromodulators, it still remains largely unknown how neuromodulatory neurons themselves function, how they adapt and how their global projections still allow for area-specificity.

These are complex questions involving numerous different brain structures. We are currently tackling them on various complexity levels: From molecules to neuronal circuits in cell culture all the way up to behaving mice. By combining designer photoreceptors with viral delivery strategies, we can control neuronal activity with light. Our working hypothesis is that these neuromodulatory systems form an overarching structure within local neuronal circuits and concert activity in various brain regions. How these neuromodulatory networks integrate information and how they adapt to environmental stressors or age are key questions of our research.

science tweeps—now’s a great time to dive into reading philosophy of science! one of my favorite books is “What is this thing called science?” by Chalmers. if anyone is interested in reading a chapter a week and doing a zoom discussion with other scientists, please comment or DM!

and i had a essential part in it ... by taking a photo from the baseline 💪 😉

wow - sounds like sci-fi - 📡 - always good for a surprise #dlab #innovation

Our study is finally out in @CurrentBiology. So excited to share this work! We show that by using odor stimulation to a single nostril in sleep we can strengthen memories stored in one hemisphere. #memory #sleep #olfaction #human

It is finally happening - Everything is ready - Next week at @Uhaifa : The 8th international meeting of the Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center (IBBRC) at the University of Haifa. See you there!

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